The maps below were created for a Public Utility in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2019. 

Bathymetric Mapping

Standard rates are $2,500 + $100/acre

Additional services:

  • Plant & algae identification
  • Water quality sampling
  • Sediment depth and sediment volume

Bathymetric Map

Aquatic Resource Consulting

The maps below were created for a HOA in Calaveras County in 2019. 

The submersed plant bio volume map below provides information about location, density, and the percent of the water column filled by plant material. These metrics are imperative to targeting plant control resources in problem areas that may not yet be visible from the surface. Repeating the mapping process after mechanically harvesting or using aquatic herbicides is a  valuable evaluation tool to provide accountability and if necessary make adjustments to future management strategies.

Submersed Aquatic Plant Map

Bottom Hardness Map