Aquatic Resource Consulting

Lake Managers are directly involved in managing ponds, lakes, reservoirs and other bodies of water including their watersheds. Lake Managers make recommendations to governing groups and implement proper methods that affect the quality and use of these water bodies.

Aquatic Specialist

The term "limnology" is derived from the ancient greek word λίμνη (limne) meaning lake or pond.

 Serving CA, NV, OR, AZ, UT

Eli Kersh, PCA, CLM offers lake management services and solutions for your lakes and ponds based on an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program. Eli can help you develop lake management plans, lake design and construction, permitting, perform water quality testing, bathymetric mapping and advise on vegetation & algae management. Eli Kersh is a Certified Lake Manager from the North American Lake Management Society, where he currently serves as the Director of Region 9 (CA, NV, AZ, HI). He served 3 years as President of theCalifornia Lake Management Society, and is on the Board of Directors for theCalifornia Weed Science Society. Eli's extensive network allows him to help you source the right equipment, products, and contractors that are best suited for your budget and needs. He concurrently holds a technical representative position as an aquatics specialist with Alligare, a manufacturer of vegetation management products specializing in irrigation district and lake and pond markets. e limnology does not sell herbicides or algaecides and does not perform pesticide applications.